Vermilion Parish 8th Grade Social Studies Unit 3

"Raising the Bar"

Unit 3 Interactives Louisiana’s Government Interactives

Activity 1: Civics Vocabulary

Activity 2: Powers of the National and State Governments

Activity 3: Louisiana and U.S. Constitutions

Activity 4:  Forms of Local Government

Activity 5:  State and Local Representatives

Activity 6:  Current Representatives

Activity 7:  Laws and Public Policy (GLEs:  25, 26, 27)

Activity 8:  Taxes:  What They Are and Why We Need Them

Activity 9:  Political and Social Conflicts

Activity 10:  The Democratic Process (GLE:  33)  

Lessons and Resources

·         PowerPoint (Slide 1 Words from Activity, Slides 2-3 involve a Vocabulary Self Awareness Activity

·         Region 8 Political and Social Conflicts

·         Vocabulary Awareness Interactive

·         Vocabulary Awareness PowerPoint Interactive Template

·         Vocabulary Awareness MS Word Template (Students can download and type in the template).

Activity 11:  The Political Process (GLE:  36)  PBS Elections for Educators

Activity 12:  U.S. Census and the Political Process

Activity 13:  Electoral College

Activity 15: Citizen Influence on Government

Activity 16: Taxes and User Fees

Activity 17:  The Kingfish


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