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  1. 8th Grade Reading

  2. How are They Selling It

  3. Inflation in Russia

  4. Looking for the Fine Print - students read advertisements to practice reading critically

  5. White loafers and passport control

  6. Hungry ferrett causes rail scare

  7.  Dyslexic boy's site wins top award,

  8.  Otters head for towns and cities

  9.  Demolition fears after city blaze.

  10. Read a Contract - and answer questions

  11. Reading Comprehension Quiz - Online quiz

  12. Reading Comprehension stories - Interactive quizzes online for 5 stories

  13. Reading Exercises - Comprehension, Fill in and Sequencing

  14. What are They Selling - students critically evaluate six advertisements

  15. Heads and Tails:Odds and Evens

  16. Part-time Jobs for Teenagers and Young Adults 

  17. Flea Markets, Garage Sales and Used BookStores

  18. Ladies First

  19. Feminists and Women’s Liberation

  20. America's Great Exports

  21. Football Games

  22. Free Concerts in Museums, Parks and Public Places

  23. Grand Tour of An American Home

  24. Shopping Malls and Mail Orders

  25. Jazz and Country-Western

  26. Doggie Bags and Brown Bag Restaurants

  27. Americans and their Cars

  28. Beauty Pageants

  29. Fruit Pies and Yogurt

  30. The Apple as a Special Fruit

  31. Fast Foods and TV Dinners

  32. Sandwiches:BLTs and Submarines  

  33. Summer Barbecues and Vegetarian Diets

  34. Home Remedies

  35. Popcorn and Potato Chips

  36. Birthday and Pot Luck Parties

  37. Twenty-Four Hour Diners

  38. Hearty Breakfast

  39. Civil War Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  40. John F. Kennedy Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  41. Amelia Earhart Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  42. Thomas Edison Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  43. Benjamin Franklin Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  44. Michael Jordan Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  45. Mickey Mantle Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  46. Babe Ruth Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  47. Jackie Robinson Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  48. The Age of Exploration Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  49. Plymouth Colony Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  50. American Revolution Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  51. Christopher Columbus Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  52. Ponce de Leon Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  53. Thomas Jefferson Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  54. James Madison Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  55. George Washington Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  56. Benjamin Franklin Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  57. Alexander Graham Bell Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  58. Mexico Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  59. France Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  60. Day Nurseries and Old Age Homes

  61. The Birth of a New Child

  62. English Works! Reading Exercises (MANY!)

  63. Sharks Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  64. California Condor Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  65. Baltimore Oriole Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  66. Peregrine Falcon Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  67. Penguins Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  68. Amazon Rainforest Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  69. Gilbert Arenas Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

  70. Manatee Comprehension @ mrnussbaum.com

71. Hurricanes and Tornadoes

72. “Old Glory  The American Flag

73. Faces Carved in Stone

74. Blue Monday and "Thank God it's Friday"

75. Sending Cards for All Occasions

76. Saying "God Bless You"

77. Saluting the Flag

78.Poisonous Rattlesnakes

79. Disneyland and Theme Parks

80. Reading Final Review - general

81. Reading Final Review - genres

82. Reading Final Review - poetry

83. Reading Final Review - story structure

84. Reading Strategy Hangman

85. Practice #1 "Death Car"

86. Practice #2   " Choking Dog"

87. Practice #3    " The Carpet Fitter"

88. Practice #5 "The American Pepper"

89. Practice #6 "Wild Children"

90. Practice #7 "Wild Children III: The Wild Life"

91.Practice #8 "Wild Children V: Culture Shock"

92.Mac Donald's: a hundred billion hamburgers sold

93.Mystery Queen

94.Dr Martens - 10 questions

95.My Second Day on Earth

96.Youth Crime

97.Land mines

98.The Olympic Game

99.Kill that noise or I'll kill you!

100. Lion Scare


102.Reading Comprehension Connection

103.Reading Exercises

104.CNN SF/WPLN Learning Resource(Go to the side panel for quizzes)

105.Health Warnings

106.The Rose is a Special Flower

107.Hollywood and Broadway

108.The American Buffalo

109.Greyhound Buses


111.Sunday:A Day of Rest

112.Black Culture in America

113. Melting Pot or Salad Bowl

114.A Nation of Nicknames

115.School Rings and Senior Privileges

116..Volunteers and Charitable Collections

117.Indians:the Native Americans

118.Banjos,Harmonicas and Guitars

119.Cowboys and the Wild Frontiers

120.Comprehension 3

121.Comprehension 4

122.Short Story Elements

123.Elements of Plot

124.Brainchild Test

125.Inflation in Russia - read and answer questions

126.Looking for the Fine Print - students read advertisements to practice reading critically

127.Read a Contract

128.Reading Comprehension stories

129.Reading Comprehension Quiz

130.Reading Exercises

131.Seventh Grade Reading

132.Retail vocabulary Solve the retail vocabulary crossword

133.Types of text What are the different types of text trying to say




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