AHS Classes of 1906 to 1924

On May 24, 1924, the Meridional gave the names of those in the graduating classes of Abbeville High School from 1906 to 1923. Apparently, even though the high school opened in February, 1903, the first graduation was not until1906. I hope that some of you will spot an ancestor or two among these alumni.


Class of 1906

  E. B. Donnell - Principal 1906-1909

Lloyd White

John Brookshire

Milton Cushman

Otto Segura

Ouida Labit

Fannie Cushman

Aline Abadie

1906 - Aline Abadie, my 6th grade teacher. She never married and taught the 6th grade at the old Abbeville Elementary School most of her life. Her last few years in education, I understand, was as principal of the school. A wonderful, dedicated teacher!

Class of 1907

Gracie Gooch

Nora Montagne

Mabel Lann

Lizzie Nettles

Lucy Saporito

Annie Mae Watts

Class of 1908

12-5-1908  M  The schools at Abbeville and Gueydan have finally been approved as high schools by the Department of Education, and Vermilion Parish now has 2 of 50 high schools in the state.

Pressley Kibbe

Wilfred Montagne

Class of 1909

   Name unknown - Principal 1909-1912

Michel Perret

Edith Yantes

Class of 1910

Sadie Corrodi

Lydia Trahan 

Leon Stansbury

William Rose

Ernest Rose

Lydia Trahan, of the class of 1910, is listed as deceased. She was one of the local victims of the 1918 Spanish Influenza Epidemic. At the time of her death, at age 26, she had been married to Dr. L. M. Boudreaux since 1913. She was the daughter of M/M Desire Trahan, owners of the Veranda Hotel. I cannot say how or when the others with "deceased" by their names died.

Class of 1911

Mathilde Edwards

Marie Young

David Ione Callahan

Maude LeBlanc

Quienten Henry

Policar Broussard

Evy Kibbe

Murphy Lege

Class of 1912

     L. A. Law - Principal 1912-1913

       {According to AHS Records}


Professor H. B. Hines-AHS Principal

{According to Abbeville Meridional dated  June 8th, 1912}

Commencement Exercises 7 June 1912

St. Ann's Hall

St. Ann Church was renamed from St. Mary Magdalen Church by Father XXX until the Bishop of Lafayette Diocese notified Fr. XXX that he did not have the authority to change the name.  St. Ann's Hall was probably the wooden building that was used as a church while the brick church we now have was being constructed. It is noted that the corner stone of the red brick church called St. Mary Magdalen had St. Ann engrave on it, which was taken down and replaced with the one now on the Southwest corner of the church front.


  1. Remy Broussard
  2. Laurence Derveloy
  3. Ellen Fleming
  4. Lillian Kibbe
  5. Dora O’Bryan
  6. Mattie Richardson
  7. Gertrude Smith
  8. Maude Terrier
  9. Opal LeBlanc
  10. Edna White










Class of 1913

             Principal 1913-1919

Irma Abadie

Kate Dutel

Olga Erath

Evelyn Hebert

J. C. Gordy

Caesar Melebeck

1913 - Olga Erath was the 4th grade teacher at Abbeville Elementary (known as the old school) for years, then she transferred to the elementary school built in conjunction with the new high school.

Class of 1914

Laura Broussard

Fannie Ewing

Mary Saporito

Daise Steen

Helen Swain

Annie Lou White

Isaac Durke

Fernand Lachaussee

Track & Field State Rally-Baton Rouge

 Abbeville High School placed F. Montagne  1st Place in the Hop-Step-Jump. Issace Durke place 3rd in the mile run and Emery Henry placed 3rd in the 100 yard dash

Class of 1915

Maude Chauvin

Rosa Lyons

Nettie O’Bryan

Camille Broussard

Enolia Henry

Walter Gordy

Duas Hebert

Felix Hollier

Fernand Montagne

Roy Terrier

Class of 1916

Chester Derveloy

George Golden

Claude Hebert

Fred Immergluck

Audele Fletcher

Lillian Henry

Isabelle Kitchell

Stella Theall

Flo Schilling

Class of 1917

Ira Harrington

Rudolph Hollier

Mattie Corrodi

Hilda Hebert

Lula Mae Moss

Sophie McHenry

Olga Schilling

Class of 1918

Carmen LeBlanc

Mamie Rose

Pauline Hubert

Conrad Comfort

Birdie Kitchell

Cecile Bourdier

Mabel Stauffer

Aline Ritter

Murray Fletcher

Mark Hebert

Abbott Hayes

Zula Cuny

Class of 1919

   J. E. Harper - Principal 1919-1924

Wanda Broussard

Thelma Golden

May LeBlanc

Marguerite McCann

Eugenie McHenry

May Breaux

Rita Chauvin

Camille LeBlanc

Ernest Stauffer

Andre Dubus

Vera Hebert

Ella Primeaux

Aristine Comfort

Class of 1920

Ernestine Fletcher

Irene Brasseaux

Blanche Scharff

Stella Burwell

Martin Lampman

Roy Richardson

Therese Moore

Class of 1921

Belle LeBlanc

Irma Richardson

Della Broussard

Sadie Fletcher

Gertrude McHenry

Louise Kitchell

Lucille Lyons

Cornelie Domingue

Charles Lampman

Nesom Burt

Sherwood Henry

Roland Caldwell

A. O. Landry

Louise Kitchell became an elementary school teacher at the new school. In later years she married Bob Burroughs, who was one of my (Paul Bergeron) golfing buddies when I took up the game.

Class of 1922

Mae Trahan

Frances Thomas

Marie Frank

Dorothy Golden

Marguerite LeBlanc

Helen Waggoner

Jeannette Vitello

Effie Stansbury

Gladys Wagoner

Paula Broussard Vaughn - Father Ovide A. Broussard - Grandfather Lastie Broussard

Ory Chauvin

Murrell Summers

Walter Bernard

James Kitchell

Charles Randal

Lloyd Harrington

Gautreaux Lutgring

1922 - Lloyd Harrington was an athletic young man who became a professional baseball player. He played for a number of years in the Evangeline League (and possibly elsewhere). When his playing days were over, he became an umpire. After that, I don't know.

Class of 1923

Alfred Broussard

Agnes Broussard

Augusta Collins

Al Booth

Beatrice Gooch

Elie Flory

Lillian LeBlanc

Nicholas LeBlanc

Lester Hebert

Louise Ramke

William Waggoner

Noy Lewis

Raoul Latour

W. J. Holmes

Robert Gooch

Elsie Dubus

Mazie Hoffpauir

Walter Haynes

Mabel Miller

Vivian Carter

George Segrara

1923 - Alfred Broussard was a clerical employee at one of the Court House offices. He was a gifted musician and was the organist at St. Mary Magdalen for years. During the U.S. census of 1950, Alfred and I were crew chiefs, supervising about 15 people each. He had the southern part of the parish, I had the eastern and northern parts, and someone else had the western part.

Al Booth became an airplane pilot in the U. S. Air Force. He was well known as a daring stunt pilot. One year he put on a demonstration for the crowds attending the fourth of July celebration in Abbeville. I remember standing with my family and watching him roll and dive, pulling up, it seemed to us, at the last second. Later that year he was killed in an air crash. I was at the "old School", either in the second or third grade, and the teacher allowed us to go outside to see Al Booth's comrades make a missing man flyover.

Lester Hebert also lived in my neighborhood. He was Mark's brother. He and wife operated a gift and flower shop on Park Avenue, across the street from Dudley LeBlanc's home.

Noy Lewis became a surveyor and owned a surveying firm in Abbeville. His wife, Lulu, was an English teacher at Abbeville High, and I had the good fortune to have her in my junior and senior years.

Continuing on with the article from the Meridional, I quote: "The following class is going to be initiated into the [Alumni] Association at the Annual Banquet of the Alumni which is going to be held in the Masonic Temple [the current Masonic Temple] on Tuesday night, May 27th, 1924."

Class of 1924

Conrad LeBlanc

Elaine Thomas

Esther Weill

Blanche Stauffer

Annie Mae Hebert

Hulda Erath

Lenora Lacour

Edith McPherson

Stella Guidry

Rena Meaux

Ada Harkins

Thelma Samson

Eugenie Greene

Aronce Boudreaux

Dan McPherson

E. J. Ewing

Vernon Henry

Clinton Collins

Carl Haynes

Walter Gordy

Margaret Segrara

Doris Smiley

Irma O’Brien

Eaton Chauvin

1924 - Hulda Erath was the Commerce teacher at Abbeville High School for a number of years. She then taught typing and shorthand at SLI for decades. I believe she may have earned a doctorate in her field in later years. I had her for two years, 1939 - 1941. She was great.