Class of 1936


Class Motto




Pink Roses and Fern



Pink and White

AHS Staff

Front Row, Left to Right: Sarah Weill, Lula Lewis, Ricky Richardson, Eloise LaBauve, Ann Boynton

Back Row, Left to Right: Lionel Berry, Johnny Morris, Hulda Erath, Daisy Magearl, George Sudduth, Preston Williams



Front Row, Left to Right: Geneva Sorbet Morgan, Olita Primeaux, Leon Eleazar, Thelma Moist, Rene Duhon, Mona Jean Skaggs, Gilbert Stuller, Sadie Noel, Raymus Hebert, Janette Mouton, J.C. Baudoin, Adrienne LaBauve, Odilon Hebert

Second Row, Left to Right: Janie Eldredge, Helen Pere, Claude Mouton, Ruby Sells, Harold Couvillon, Bessie Guarino, Charles Miller, Maggie Mae Pullin, Arnold Chauviere, Zoie Sagrera, Walton Romero, Marjorie Baudoin, Lula Mae Richard, Alberta Dehart

Third Row, Left to Right: C. J. Stansbury, Emily Corzine, Ora Ann Hebert, Alice Becker, Ester Marie Summers, Nelia Theriot, Wesley Schriefer, Hazel  Primeaux, Mary Landry, Elda Libersat, Luella Boudreaux, Francis Broussard, Hilda Addison, Fadra Faulk, Una Vincent, Francis Trahan, Pearl Theriot, Lavelle Broussard,.

Members of the class of 1936 not in picture: Gertie Dupuis, Anite Gisclair, Lucy Meaux, Wilda Badon, Walton Romero, Murphy Sellers, James Alexander, Roland Broussard, R. C. Mouton, Guy Broussard, Elie Meaux, Douglas Maddry, Whitney Duhon, Marion Gastol

In the photo but not members of Class of 1936:  Mona Jean Skaggs, J.C. Baudoin, Zoie Sagrera, Walton Romero

AHS Class of 1936

57 Students graduated that year.

(Historical Society Researcher Ken Dupuis)

  1. Adrienne LaBauve (Mrs. William Green - San Diego, California)

  2. Alberta DeHart

  3. Janie Pond Eldredge

  4. W. Charles Miller

  5. Luella Boudreaux

  6. Hazel Primeaux

  7. Mary Landry

  8. Geneva Sorbet

  9. Una Vincent - Mrs. Louis Toups-East Ridge Nursing Home-Abbeville

  10. Fadin Faulk

  11. Janette Mouton

  12. Sadie Noel

  13. Helen Pere

  14. Marjorie Baudoin

  15. Hilda Addison

  16. Gertie Dupuis

  17. Anite Gisclair

  18. Olite Primeaux

  19. Nelia Theriiot

  20. Bessie Gurino

  21. Maggie Mae Pullin

  22. Lula Mae Richard

  23. Ora Hebert

  24. Lucy Meaux

  25. Wilda Badon

  26. Pearl Theriot

  27. Francis Trahan

  28. James Alexander

  29. Leon A Eleazar

  30. Rene Duhon

  31. Adilon Hebert

  32. Roland Broussard

  33. Lavelle Broussard

  34. R.C. Mouton

  35. Francis Broussard

  36. Gilbert Stuller

  37. Raymus Hebert

  38. Claude Mouton

  39. Wesley Schrieber

  40. C. J. Stansbury

  41. Thelma Moist

  42. Elda Libersat

  43. Guy Broussard

  44. Emily Corzine

  45. Elie Breaux

  46. Douglas Maddry

  47. Whitney Duhon

  48. Ester Marie Summers - Mrs. Arnold Chauviere-Baton Rouge, LA

  49. Marion Gastal

  50. Arnold Chauviere - Baton Rouge, LA

  51. Alice Becker

  52. Murphy Sellers

  53. Walter (Walton) Romero

  54. Harold Couvillion

  55. Ruby Sells

  56. L. H. Corzine

  57. Herman Landry


Another picture from 1936 showing Dudley J. LeBlanc visiting President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the Whitehouse in Washington D.C.


Copies of the "School Paper" Newsletter Jan 21, 1936 and "The Aegis" Newsletter of  May 22, 1936 available.  Make your request using email address in Class Reunions button link.