Class of 1938



Class Flower -Pink Rosebuds


Class Colors - Light Blue & Gold





Otha Morgan had twin brothers 1 year younger, (Marvin Class of 1939) and Burt*.






Otha presented a picture to me, Allen LeBlanc, when he was keyboardiing this part of his life. The picture is below. It was taken when Otha came home from Boot Camp, a graduate of that part of his naval career. He probably remembers some of those days, and maybe his company while training there. San Diego was a large training facility for the US Navy, and until this day (2005) remains an important training facility for new recruits. On the back of this picture the following is imprinted “Guaranteed for Life” This is a Genuine Border Fox Tone Picture, Fox Company, San Antonio, Texas, April 1939. “Boot Camp leave” written in pen. In those days negatives had to sent away as far as San Antonio for development. The house in the background probably is the home Otha grew up and live in during his Pecan Island, Louisiana early years. Notice the meter to measure usage of natural gas. In 1939, this was natural because the gas came from underneath our soil and it became popular to heat homes and cook with this petroleum product. One more thing should be said about Otha Morgan. He has written a story called "My Life". It was published by EZ Studios in Abbeville. Otha has the only copy. This page can reproduce the story, only if it is requested by one of classmates or by a son or daughter of one of his classmates. Just go to Class Reunions and use the email address listed there to communicate.

AHS Girls Class of 1938

                                                                                         Front Row, Left to Right: #5 Olive Broussard Freeman



            Robert "Bob" Joseph LeBlanc                                  Otha Morgan             George M. "Brother" Eldredge Jr*.




                                          Otha Morgan                                            



                                                                                                            Olive Freeman

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