Class of 1940




The above picture was provided by Louis Dartez, a boyhood friend of Paul Bergeron, neighbor and schoolmate who is now a retired business man living in Houston.  He copied it from a book he wrote, sort of an autobiography.  He was on the boxing team.  He joined the Air Force during World War II, became a gunner on a B-17 and later became a pilot and flew P-51's.  In the picture he is on the extreme right.

Paul Piazza* was our high school coach.  He served in the military during the war.  After the war he became a very successful businessman.  Paul is now deceased.

J.C."Black" Rogers* also served in the military and upon his return found success selling gasoline in both wholesale and retail quantities.

Durwood Boutte was a fighter pilot in the Pacific.  He was credited with shooting down a Japanese Zero fighter over Tokyo. After the war he moved to Baton Rouge.

His older brother, Lester, was one of the flyers who located the missing Eddie Rickenbacker and his comrades in a life boat floating in the Pacific Ocean. Durwood is now deceased.

Peter Russo* joined the Marines and was killed in combat on the island of Guam.

J.C. Gautreaux* joined the Army and made a career of it, lasting 30 years.  He is now deceased.

Norman Romero* joined the Navy and saw combat in the Pacific Theater.  He became an educator when he returned, rising to the position of Superintendent of Vermilion Parish Schools.  He is deceased.