Class of 1941

Japanese Forces attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on a Sunday morning, December 7th, 1941

  1. Agatha (Sis) Nunez Stoffer [D2003]

  2. L. Ralph Dartez

  3. Reaux Frederick

  4. Emma Koehler

  5. Dorys Toups

  6. Norman Romero* 

  7. Floyd Broussard

First Abbeville WWII Recruits assemble in front of the Vermilion Parish Court House for a group picture. Please send in name if you recognize any of these young men.

23 August 1941
Atlantic Conference - Churchill gives FDR letter from King George.
 FDR with son Capt. Elliot Roosevelt
  This took place in Argentina Bay, Newfoundland
Aboard the USS Winslow DD-359 
Chief MM Otha Morgan of Abbeville, LA is the only known enlisted person alive,
who was there at that time. Otha graduated from Abbeville High School in 1938

District Champions 1941

Due to WWII, Peter S. Russo appeared to have not graduated from Abbeville High School. It is assumed he left in his Senior year to

join the war effort. He enlisted in the US Marine Corps and gave the supreme sacrifice on 23 July 1944 on the island of Guam. He had been promoted to Corporal before his death. His body was brought back to Abbeville and buried in the St. Mary Magdalen cemetery behind the church.