Class of 1944

Elva Apple

Floyce Aube

Florence Bares

Lucille Baudoin

Mildred Bell

Lloyd Bertrand

William Borel

S. J. Boudreaux Jr.

Earleen Broussard

Ella Mae Broussard

Gussie Broussard

Isabel Broussard

Verna Mae Broussard

Joan Brown

Mary Jane Champagne

Ella Chauvin

Willie Mae Chauvin

May Choate

Magaret Clesson

Rose Dartez

Dale Desormeaux

Aureline Detraz

Gertrude Durke

Mary Dyson

Marie Therese Eleazar

Mary Helen Fermental

Majorie Fletcher

 Betty Jane Fishel

Dorothy Foster

Doris Franciol

Edna Forman

 Elodie Guidry

Dudley Landry, Jr.

Yvonne Hebert

Iona Laughman

 Barbara Lene Hebert*

Hartwell Lewis

 Stella Lopez

Barbara Haydell

 Ruby D. Hayes

 Daisetta Hebert*

 Robert (Bobby) Hebert*

 Lorraine Higginbothan

 Betty Jane Maillian

 Audrey Martin

 Delma Meaux Jr.

 Zola Meyers

 Vernon Miller

 Evelyn Morgan

 Naomi Morgan

 Florence Noel

 Bernice Primeaux

 Fred Primeaux

 June Theall

 Edna Helen Trahan

 Dorothy Trahan

 Goldman Viator

 Lois Vigneaux

 Luther Winch

 The City Championship Football Game played 10 November 1944 at 8 PM at the Abbeville Elementary School Field. The Abbeville High School Wildcats and the Lions Athletic Council to play a night game, and about 100 people were in attendance.  AHS won the game and trophy was awarded.  Where is the trophy and what was the score? Click on the individuals cards below to search for any one you know or have known, then check the sponsors. Only one remain in business, and you would never guess which one it is!. 


1944 was the year the "School Activities" Newsletter publishing came to an end and the beginning of the new "Wildcat Wail" Newsletter began. Copies of the Class of 1944 "School Activities" Newsletter January 4th, and 11th, and "Wildcat Wail" of  January 18, 25; February 1, 8, 14, 22 and 29; March 7, 14, 21 and 28; April 4, 11, 18 and 26; May 4, 10, 19; and December 22, 1944 are available.  Go to Class Reunions button and click to use email address posted to get more information.

Barbara Lene Hebert*