Class of 1949


Class of 1949 joined Class of 1948 with a Dual Class Reunion when State of Louisiana Education Department changed the graduation policy from 11 years to 12 years of class attendance.

Visit the 1948 Class page for more details on Classmates. All classmates listed on this page are also included in the listing of the 1948 Class.


  1. Jack Bailey*

  2. Irvin Broussard*

  3. Roy Broussard

  4. Jack Cole

  5. Wilma Davis

  6. Charles Durke*

  7. Annette Fanning

  8. Lola Foster

  9. Luce Frederick

  10. Wilton Harrington

  11. Kenneth Hoy*

  12. Harris LeBlanc*

  13. John Marshall

  14. Willis Meaux

  15. George Morello*

  16. Delores Nunez

  17. Raleigh Simon

  18. Kenneth Stansbury

  19. Lovic Touchet*

  20. Daniel Vice*

  21. Oran Vincent

Top-Left to Right: John Marshall, Irvin Broussard*, Charles Durke, George Morello*, Harris LeBlanc*, Willis Meaux, Wilton Harrington, Oran Vincent, Luce Frederick, Raleigh Simon, Wilma Davis, Annette Fanning, Dolores Nunez. Not shown is Roy Broussard (Not Confirmed-Jerome Hebert)     *Denotes Deceased

Lionel J. Berry - Principal 1948-1957



 Willis Meaux               Raleigh Simon     Wilton Harrington             Wilma Davis Dartez                       Luce Frederick


George Morello*       Mike Stansbury

+Mike "Tubby" Stansbury -  +Lovic "Tiny" Touchet - +Harris LeBlanc - +Jack Cole - +Kenneth Hoy

+Indicates stay-over for sports and issued a 1949 AHS Graduation Certificate



Representatives of the cities of Vermilion Parish gather on the deck of a cruise ship docked at the Port of New Orleans during a Goodwill Bus Tour that promoted the Louisiana Dairy Festival and Fair held annually in  Abbeville. (Note the milk bottles on the neckties)

Identification listed by files, bottom to top, starting at the left:

1st File - Paul Piazza and Dr. Walter Sagrera

2nd File - Jimmy Vorhoff and Fred Dugas

3rd File - A.D. LeBlanc, Abbeville Mayor Emile Dutel, Robert Hollier and CB. LeBlanc

4th File - Dr. S. J.. La Borde, Milton Guidry, Simon Dubois and Chester Broussard

5th File - (Unknown), Dick Evans, Larry Karl and Vic Schriever

6th Files - Louis Falgout, Delay LeBlanc, Mayor of Gueydan Lorette Theriot

7th File - Andrew Broussard and Stanley Breaux