Class of 1954




Oscar Chauvin ...................President

Russell Boudreaux......................Vice-President

Dorothy Ledet.....................Secretary-Treasurer




Honor Students


Mary Lynn Cessac - Valedictorian

Curtis Broussard - Salutatorian


    Betty Boudreaux, Dale Broussard, Rosa Mae Broussard, Mary Geraldine Dartez, Jeanette Ann Delcambre, Melba LeBoeuf Frederick, Patricia Frederick, Janet Gaspard, Barbara Gastal, Luda Hebert, Dorothy Ledet, Donald Lormand, Gloria Ann Pere, Flaudry Prejean, Shirley Broussard Sheffield, Elray Schexnaider





Jerry Abshire

Carl Belaire

Irene Belaire

Irene Bernard

Russell Boudreaux

Bernice Broussard Landry

Delta Broussard

Earle Broussard

Ella Broussard

Kermit Broussard

Robert Broussard

Lorraine Campagne

Oscar Chauvin

Golden Conner

Martharine Conner

Lester Desormeaux

Jeffrey Duhon

Elmae Dupuy

Jo Ann Dyson

Willis East

Henry Eleazar

Audrey Faulk

Jane Fleming

Roy Frederick

Rodney Gaspard

Jimmy Gore

Delores Guidry

Earl Guidry

Shirley Hardy

Beverly Hebert

Claudia Hebert

Donald Hebert




Florence Hebert

Gerald Hebert

Carroll Hebert

Kenneth Hebert

Rosa Bell Hebert

Shirley Hebert

Theophile Hebert

Floyd Hungerford

Bernard Landry, Jr.

LeRoy LeBlanc

James LeBoeuf

Gloria Luquette

William Meaux

Donald Mayard

Audrey Menard

Donald Miller

Willa Dean Mire

Martin Noel

Eugene Olds

Beverly Palombo

Stafford Palombo

Veverly Picard

Floyd Prejean

Dulse Primeaux

Wilda Robicheaux

Hilliard Roy

Louis Sherman

Irene St. Amant

Carl Theall

Ned Theall

Maxie Thibeaux

Ronald Thomas

Cris Trahan

Thomas Vidallier

Warren Vincent





Billy  "Pet Poussiére" Meaux



Elray Schnexnaider

Man and Weather

Written by

John Bergeron

Especially for

Elray Schexnaider

Days and nights ever changing

With Rain and sunshine, too -

Affecting people, making them sad,

Happy and even blue

In Abbeville, people are like that -

And ever - changing you see,

But there is one man here -

Who lives by the river—not the sea

This man always wears a smile

Seeming to be happy every day

And blowing winds will not deter

When all is over they'll say "Ils avais le coeur"

23 June 1999