AVG antivirus has supplied us with full home licenses for a one year period. We encourage that you install AVG on your home computer. In addition, any laptop that you may bring to use on our network must have an active antivirus program installed. If you are in doubt that what you are using is sufficient I suggest that you request a license for it also. 

Some of our schools are beginning to encourage students to bring their own devices (BYOD) to use at school as well. Tech coordinators at those schools must be certain that a working antivirus program is installed and working on all laptops brought onto a school campus. I will supply a license to those students as well upon request.

Please copy the table below and paste it into an email message to me Email Donald Gremillion.  Fill in the required information and I will then reply to you with a unique activation license key. This will allow the installation on one device per license.

Name (Last, First)


Device Type
(Ex. Dell laptop)

Operating System
(Ex. Windows XP, VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8)








Download link to AVG home version antivirus download:

Click Here

Email Donald Gremillion