$5.2 Million Awarded to 6 Louisiana School Districts
Parish Total EFL Grant Amount Amount Awarded Jan 2007 Grant Description
Cameron $2,000,000 $1,340,000 Cameron parish will use its Energy for Learning grant to restore and enhance science and math education. Students in all schools in the parish will receive enhanced instruction with the aid of advanced instructional technology, up-to-date science & math equipment, and science & math supplies. 
Jefferson $500,000 $335,000 Jefferson parish will use its Energy for Learning grant to replace and enhance instructional television studio equipment. This equipment will allow the school system to resume informational and instructional programming on the district's instructional access cable channel. The grant will also enable Jefferson parish to extend its instructional programming services. (For example, closed-captioning services will include both English and Spanish.) 
Lafayette $500,000 $335,000 Lafayette parish will use its Energy for Learning grant to purchase library books for all schools in the parish. These books will supplement the curriculum designed to improve reading skills.
Plaquemines $2,000,000 $1,340,000 Plaquemines parish will use its Energy for Learning grant to focus on improving literacy in every school and every grade in the district. Tools the district will purchase that will be used to help improve literacy are the accelerated reader software, age-appropriate reading books, test-prep materials for English Language Arts classrooms, and Smart Board interactive technology. 
St. Tammany $750,000 $502,500 St. Tammany parish will use its Energy for Learning grant to resume the implementation of its on-line curriculum throughout the district. The on-line curriculum is standards based, guarantees coherence from one grade to the next, allows flexibility, and is system wide. Tools purchased to support the implementation of the on-line curriculum are interactive technology equipment, instructional videos, and professional books.
Vermilion $2,000,000 $1,340,000 EFL grant will be used to fund three programs: video on demand, library replacement and enhancement, and science and technology hands-on tools. These programs will help to enhance student learning in the areas of science, reading, and technology.