Projector Project FAQ's

Who will be getting the projectors?
All classrooms which host regularly scheduled classes (libraries included) and currently have no projector will eventually get a projector. Classrooms with Destinations, Net TV's, TV's and other presentation devices will still get a projector.  Projectors will be assigned to classrooms, not teachers. Projectors will be mounted to the ceiling for permanent placement.  Placement should be approved by the principal since placement will not be changed for faculty or room changes.

What if I already have my own projector?
Projectors belong to the school.  The projector which you currently have, if working properly, can be mounted to the ceiling in your classroom.  Previously purchased projectors will continue to be supported, i.e. bulbs replaced, projector repaired or replaced as needed.   The new projectors are roughly the same as those currently in the classrooms.  Thus, we recommend teachers keep their current projector since they are familiar with it. Classrooms with previously mounted projectors will not be changed or affected.

What about the school or grade-level projectors which we now check out?
One or two of them could remain for use for special occasions if so needed and documented.  However, any others will be mounted in classrooms, libraries, etc., where needed.  Principals will decide on the locations of those projectors.

When will this be done?
We hope to begin in February or March as soon as equipment and contractors can be finalized.  It could be the summer before the last schools get theirs mounted if problems arise.  We will probably do the schools in alphabetical order unless special circumstances or problems surface.

What about the temporary buildings?
We will not do anything permanent with truly temporary buildings.  Adjustments and alternatives will be worked out with the principals at those schools. 

What can I do with this new projector?
Hooked to one of your computers (does not need to be a laptop) the projector can provide all of your students a large view of the computer's screen.  This will allow whole class viewing of numerous resources such as United Streaming, InfoTrak and World Book Online, and the near infinite resources on the Internet or any software program on that computer.  Computers with DVD capability will be able to show the video of the DVD using the projector and you will be able to use the speakers connected to the computer for sound.

Will I get a laptop with the projector?
No, any type of computer can be hooked to the projector.  Cables will come with the projector so that both the monitor and projector can be used at the same time.  The cables will be safely and securely attached to the ceiling and wall to connect to the computer.  A computer in the middle of the room is not advised for safety reasons.