The AHS Student Senate has been created to help develop leadership skills in our student leaders. 

Every student that has earned a leadership position, in any of our school activities, will meet once a month to learn how to become a better leader.  These students will also become members of the teacher leadership group to help give the teachers insight into the needs and wants of the AHS population. 

Mr. Ivy hopes that he can develop great young leaders at AHS and eventually great leaders for the community as a whole.



Barousse, Stephen Baudoin, Kaylyn Baudoin, Hayley
Boothe, Jimmie Bourque, Hayley Boutte, Josiah
Braxton, Jackie Broussard, Blake Broussard, Trinity
Brown, Lilly Darby, Jada Davis, Jalen
Duhon, Madison Duplantis, Kyle Guerra, Skyler
Harrids, Jasmine Hebert, Caitlyn Kim, Melissa
Lam, Dung Le, Michelle Leblanc, Sadie
Marceaux, Kayla Marquez, Carlos Maze, Kirsten
Mitchell, DD Motty, Marie Claude Nguyen, Alexandra
Nguyen, Alyson Nguyen, Dana Perro, David
Shipley, Tatum Starlard, Arraya Suire, Matthew
Thibodeaux, Taylor Trahan, Alyssa Tran, Kristie
Valliere, Nadasha Vaughn, Tori Vi, Phung
Williams, Kevin Willis, Alexyss Willis, Travon


Activities/Events- Meet monthly to discuss how to be better leaders in their group
Achievements- Help school with improvement activities
Last year painted parking lot  This year will help parent leadership with monthly Saturday cleanup days