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Principal    Ivy J. Landry
Assistant Principals

   Lyndelle Theriot and Dr. Belisa Smith


School Statistics




Teachers     50
Administrators       3
Counselors       2
Paraprofessionals       4
Custodians       4
Cafeteria Workers       6

Student Body Count

Freshmen 201
Sophomores 177
Juniors 123
Seniors 118


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Course Offerings at AHS


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Bell Schedules at AHS

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School Songs




The red and the gray

They're on the way

They're going to win this game today.


With courage and might

They'll always fight

As they go onward to the fray.


They're hitting the line

The blocking's fine

As they go on to victory.


Fight, fight, fight for Abbeville High

The red and the gray shall ever fly.




Among the oaks and cypress,

Where Vermilion Bayou flows,

There stands our Alma Mater dear

Where lasting friendship grows.

Although we leave you through the years,

Our hearts are always thine.

Abbeville, Abbeville, Alma Mater Mine.



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Abbeville High School was established in 1902.  The facility was a combined elementary-high school with the secondary education portion assigned to the top classrooms of a three-story brick structure.  The building today houses Vermilion Parish School Board offices.  Abbeville High School became an approved state high school in 1908, two years after it had graduated its first senior class of three members.  


Since that time, the school was moved twice.  In 1926 the school was moved into a newly-constructed stucco complex of two buildings (located where J. H. Williams sits today).  A few years later, a third instructional building and a gymnasium were constructed on a campus covering an enter city block.  This facility housed first through eleventh grade students through 1948 and through twelfth grade until 1968. 


In 1968, the present day Abbeville High School opened it's doors for ninth through twelfth graders.  It was designed for approximately one thousand students; however, in the 1970's there were more than one thousand students enrolled, which meant AHS needed expanding.  Since its opening, AHS has undergone many additions and renovations in keeping with a modified instructional program and with an increasing number of programs offered.  The school has expanded in all departments to keep pace with the growth and the changing needs of the student body.  Today, AHS consists of over 50 classrooms.  We are also doing our best to keep up with the fast pace of changing technology.  Almost every classroom is equipped with computers that are connected to the internet and we have four computer labs that house 30 computers each.

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Our Mission Statement and Philosophy


Mission Statement

    To have all teachers educate all students to become responsible, literate, thinking, and contributing members of society.

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Philosophy of Abbeville High School

     The goal of Abbeville High School is to help young adults prepare themselves to function effectively in a democratic society and to achieve success in an ever-changing world.
     The faculty believes that education should complement the instruction provided in the home, the church, and the other education agencies of our community.  To achieve this aim, Abbeville High School should provide a common basic curriculum, consisting of required courses supplemented by as many elective courses as are feasible to the needs of our students and our community.
    Moreover, our high school should assist all the children or our community in developing physical and mental skills, talents, and abilities.  Equally important is the development of aesthetic values so that the students might become emotionally stable and socially well-adjusted--academically, vocationally, and morally.  With emphasis on self-discipline and initiative, respect for the rights and responsibilities of individuals, and respect for authority, the school should lead the students to find their rightful place in society.  By so doing, we strive to prepare them for a full life of wholesome living, economic independence, and useful service.
    In addition, our staff should support the American form of government and, through leadership and example, strive to make young adults aware of the democratic ideals of theirs nation.
    The Abbeville High School faculty reaffirms that education should be based upon the worth and dignity of the individual.  First and always,  the overall philosophy is to foster wholesome values and attitudes that will enable individuals to become useful, contributing citizens---adaptable to the changes that are inevitable in our modern democratic environment.

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