Mrs. Ashlie Landry's class at Dozier Elementary recently received 28 Boogie Boards through the site. It is an individual grant based site for teachers to work toward attaining new resources for their own classroom. Landry applied for boogie boards through the grant generated website and it was funded by a student's family. The Kindergarten class utilizes them in centers, individually and in whole group settings.  The revolutionary Reflex LCD featured in the Boogie Board Original 8.5 eWriter retains an image indefinitely without power until you press the erase button to clear the screen." I could place them in centers for writing practice, practicing ELA (alphabet), phonics and math (number) practice. The school leaders encourage their teachers to keep ongoing technology and/or curriculum requests online throughout the year. The Dozier Elementary website keeps an updated page that spotlights each teacher's needs. Parents, relatives, businesses, large corporations and community members have assisted with a large number of laptops, computers, iPads and more technology items the past three years.  Pictured with their Boogie Boards are Mrs. Landry's Kindergarten students.