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      New Exhibits: Rituals

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Also on Exhibit:

The Ravages of Rita

the forgotten Hurricane


A Photographic journey through Vermilion Parish in the days and months following Hurricane Rita.  This exhibit was assembled by Charlene Beckett of Abbeville Main Street Program and is a cross-departmental partnership among: Abbeville Main Street, The Office of the Lieutenant Governor through the department of culture, Recreation and Tourism, division of Historic Preservation, Division of the Arts, and Office of the State Museum.


While visiting

 the Abbeville Historical & Cultural Alliance Center

Museum & Art Gallery

see the Works Projects Administration (WPA) painting created in 1939 by Louis Raynaud: The Harvest.

 The Harvest shows men and women harvesting cotton, sugarcane, and muskrat hides.  Men gather cotton and tend the cane.  A couple prepares hides for drying.  Two male children do what children have always done when they were not pressed into premature labor to support mill families or sit for younger siblings-they hang around.  A man prepares to cut a clump of cane, and one woman waits, holding a bucket of water for the workers.  In the center position, a young woman bends to gather an armful of felled cane, one of the hardest tasks in the cane field.  The scene is what one would imagine is usual among southern rural laborers who earn a living on their own land.  Whole families are involved in the labor, and women and men work together at whatever needs to be done to ensure a successful harvest. (from: Depression Post Office Murals and Southern Culture by Sue Bridwell Beckham)

The Vermilion Historical Society has new addition to it's permanent exhibit:

A complete Chamber Set, circa:1844


donated by Ms. Heloise Broussard


NEW Arrival at the Center!


"Journey's into the Past"

Abbeville, Louisiana: The Early Years

    by Ken Dupuy

Now available for purchase through the Cultural Center Museum and Art Gallery, located at 200 N. Magdalen Square, Abbeville, LA

Ph: 337-898-4114

and at The Depot Gift Shop located at 201 West Lafayette St., Abbeville, LA

Ph: 337-740-2112

and at Gary Theall Law Office located at 120 Peace St., Abbeville, LA

Ph: 337-893-7142

Selling Price: $40.00 each