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Mission Statement: The purpose of the Vermilion Arts Council shall be to coordinate, promote, support and encourage and advance charitable, cultural, educational, leisure time, creative and other non-profit activities.
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"Rituals" Photography exhibit of Mark Alan Francis, October November and December.
 Board of Directors:

Mr. Warren A. Mayard             Mrs. Mary Ellen Sonnier
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Ms. Madeline DeHart                  Mrs. Dixie Mayard
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Mrs. Sylvia Putnam
400 Second Street
Abbeville, LA 70510
October November and December
Photographic exhibition
Created by Mark Alan Francis
The images in Mark Alan Francis' three-year-long odyssey into Americas fascination with eclectic festivals reveal another side of ritual: in a word, fun! Mud-slathering, tiara-wearing, omelette-making, mullet-tossing fun. Amid the stressors of contemporary American life, these rituals serve to reassure us, unite us ,provide a touchstone along our often uncertain path. Rituals give us something to look forward to, events to plan, food to make, costumes to design. "Rituals" captures what is uniquely American about our diverse country: our optimism in the face of adversity.