Literacy Concept Development: I Can:

-Recognize my first name

-Identify the front, back, and title of a book

-Turn the pages from the beginning to the end, holding the book right side up.

-Tell a story using the pictures in a book.

-Name the characters in a story.

-Describe the setting of a story.

-Predict what will happen in a story.

-Retell the main events of a story.

-Identify the problem and the solution of a story.

-Answer simple questions about a story read aloud.

-Tell what happened first, next, last in a story.

-Use finger to show they read words from left to right and top to bottom.

-Identify words that rhyme (orally)

-Recognize eight letters of the alphabet.


Speaking and Listening Development:

I Can:

-Use words to express feeling, ideas, needs, wants, and to speak about life experiences.

-Recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

-Participate in and recall words to a song, finger play, poem, or nursery rhyme.

-Speak using complete sentences.

-Listen while my teacher reads a story.

-Use describing words.

-Follow 1 and 2 step directions.


Math Concept Development:

I Can:

-Count to 5 ___, to 10 ___, to 15___ to 20

-Identify the colors red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, and black.

-Identify the shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle.

-Count objects up to 5 ______, 10______

-Sort by color, shape, and size.

-Recognized patterns: Ex: red,  red, green, green, red, orange, purple.

-Copy and continue a pattern.

Identify numbers 1,2,3,4,5

Make comparisons: long/longer; short/shorter; more/less; bigger/smaller; hotter/colder; heavier/lighter.

Identify which object is first, and which is last.

Demonstrate one-to-one correspondence.

Demonstrate an understanding of position words.


Writing Concept Development:

I Can:

Draw a picture and tell about it.

Write a message using scribble writing.

Write a message using letter-like forms or letters.

Write his/her name.

Write, draw, and paint with control.


Social Living Development:

I Can:

Participate in patriotic activites.

share, pay attention, and take turns.

Describe the weather/how to dress for the weather.

Identify baskic body parts.

Identify opposites.

Use my senses to make scientific observations.

Give examples of and describe different kinds of plants and animals.


Social/Emotional Developement:

I Can:

Follow classroom and school rules.

Play well with other children.

Respect the rights and feelings of others.

Work well independently.

Work well in a group.

Take care of personal needs.

Demonstrate the proper use of materials.


Physical Development:

I Can:

Demonstrate basic gross motor skils (ex: run, hop, balance).

Participate in eye-hand coordination activities.

Create objects with various materials.

Clap and march to music.

Catch and throw a ball.

Cut with scissors.