Career Lesson

  1. Go to this site, and choose the three choices that fit your interests. Click on the words "View Occupations" in the center of the choices and choose three occupations that interests you. **Remember, just click on the back arrow if you change your mind after reading the Job Description."
  2. When you have chosen three careers that interest you, begin your research and fill out your Career Search Form. You will need one form for each career you choose.  Click here to open in Word and type in the document. **Remember to save this document in your server folder.**
  3. Research the career, remember to keep track of your sites. The easiest way is to copy (right click in the address bar) and past (right click in your document) the address into your document as you go. Try these links for more information:
    Career One Stop- find information on your career in Louisiana. Choose the career, then choose Louisiana.
    Occupational Outlook Handbook- Careers listed alphabetically
    Career Planner- Details on the requirements for your chosen career.
    O*NET Online- Choose the link with information about your desired career
    Career Outlook- Use this link to find out how likely it is you will actually be able to find a job in your field
  4. Use your Career Search Form to create a Power Point on your chosen career. Open Microsoft Power Point
        Save your power point to your folder server then drop in my drop box

            a. click the circle in the top left corner

            b. click "Save As"

            c. At the top box that says “Save in:” click on the black arrow at the end of the white box.

            d. Click on "username on bigbird" (username is your ID number)

            e. At the bottom of the window where it says "File Name:" make sure you name the file "periodFirstCareer" (my file name would be "2JuneCareer")

            f. Click the save button to the right.       

  5. Create a Power Point on the career you have chosen.  The presentation should include:
    --educational requirements for each career (high school diploma, college, extended education, on the job training, etc.)
    --salary history for each career (Average yearly salary, if they give you a monthly salary you will need to multiply by 12. Remember to include Louisiana average and USA average salary.)
    --job outlook for each career (Is this a growing field? How easy will it be for you to get a job? Will there be jobs in Louisiana or will you have to move somewhere else?)
    --The last slide must include your sources, (Include ALL websites, and please remember, or are NOT acceptable sites.)
  6. When your power point is complete, close it and drop it into my drop box:

    1. Double click on “My Computer”

    2. Double click on “Username on bigbird”

    3. RIGHT click on your document (2NameCareer)

    4. Click “Copy”

    5. Now click the “Back” button at the top left hand corner

    6. Double click on “Teachers on sch16”

    7. Double click on “Bergeron”

    8. Double click on “Dropbox”

    9. RIGHT click inside this box, anywhere in the white space,

    10. Click “Paste”

    11. You will see your file in the dropbox, but you will not be able to open it.

    12. Make sure your name, date, and period are on your rubric and turn it in to your tray.

  7. We will share your Power Point with the class, so make sure you understand EVERYTHING that is in your presentation.
  8. Rubric- this will be used to grade your presentation.