Trading Card Template in Power Point

Trading Card Template in Word

Find the information first by looking in your book, chapter 11. Record as much of the information as you can then go online and find further facts and pictures to use for your trading card. 

1) Describe how the invention was used

2)   Describe how this invention changed life in the north

3) Describe how this invention changed life in the south

4)  Describe how it affected U.S. economy

5) Save your trading card to your folder server

        a. click the circle in the top left corner

        b. click "Save As"

        c. At the top box that says “Save in:” click on the black arrow at the end of the white box.

        d. Click on "username on bigbird/students" (ID# on bigbird/students)

        e. At the bottom of the window where it says "File Name:" make sure you name the file "periodFirstInvent" (my file name would be "2JuneInvent")

        f. Click the save button to the right.


6) When your trading card is complete, close it and drop it into my drop box:

  1. Double click on “My Computer”

  2. Double click on “Username on bigbird/students”

  3. RIGHT click on your document (2NameInvent)

  4. Click “Copy”- you will not see anything happen

  5. Now click the “Back” button at the top left hand corner

  6. Double click on “Teachers on sch16”

  7. Double click on “Bergeron”

  8. Double click on “Dropbox”

  9. RIGHT click inside this box, anywhere in the white space,

  10. Click “Paste”

  11. You will see your file in the dropbox, but you will not be able to open it.

    Make sure your name, date, and period are on your rubric and turn it in to your tray.