Civil War Internet Scavenger Hunt

1.  Many historians believe that the main cause of the Civil War was slavery. According to this site, which British colony legalized slavery in 1641?

2.   Slavery was an unsettled issue right from our nation’s start. What was the name of the compromise that convinced slave-holding Southern states to join the Union? In what document is this compromise found?

3.   In 1820, another compromise was made to keep a balance of power between the slave and free states. What two new states were admitted by the Missouri Compromise?

4.   Still another compromise over slavery was needed in 1850 to hold the Union together. In return for admitting California as a free state, what new law did Southern states receive?

 5.   This drawing depicts the method used to sell many slaves. What is it called?

6.   In this famous decision, the Supreme Court ruled that slaves were property and had no legal rights in court. Name this slave who tried unsuccessfully to win his freedom in court.

7.   The debate over slavery became violent even before the Civil War began - and in some surprising places! Where was U.S. Senator Charles Sumner almost beaten to death?

8.  One of the immediate causes of the Civil War was John Brown’s raid. What was the name of the town in Virginia where Brown and his men hoped to start a slave uprising?

 9.  (See chart and map at bottom) The election in 1860 was another immediate cause of the war. What party and candidate did Louisiana support in that election?

10.   Here are some fun facts about President Lincoln. How many homes did President Lincoln own in his lifetime? Where was it/they located?

11.  Which was the first state to secede from the United States of America, on what date? What date did Louisiana secede?

12.   What was the name of the city in the South which became the capital of the Confederacy, and where Jefferson Davis served as its President?

13.  Here’s a map of how the Civil War divided the nation. Besides California, which other western state remained loyal to the Union? How many states joined the Confederate States of America?

14. The Confederate attack on Fort Sumter signaled the start of the Civil War. In the harbor of which Southern city of which state was Fort Sumter located?