Complete the Political Office for African Americans worksheet

Go to this site and find the ethnic makeup of the House of Representatives in the same states today.

Use Microsoft Excel and create a chart showing today's composition of the Houses of State Legislatures.

  1. On the first row type the title
  2. In the left column skip one box then type 'Whites', in the box below type 'African Americans'.
    **if you find something else type 'Other' in the box below African Americans**
  3. On the row below the title type the name of each state you will have to research
  4. Click on the link, when you see the map click on each state you need to find information for and record the numbers you find
  5. To Create your chart:
    * Click 'Insert' on the ribbon at the top
    * Click 'Column'
    * Choose the first box on the left, the chart will open automatically
        -Change to black and white by clicking 'Design' on the top ribbon
        -Choose the one with shades of gray
  6. Click the office Button at the top and click print
        *Make sure you are printing to the bergeron16 printer
        *make sure there is a green dot to 'Select Chart'
        *the click the OK box to print

Print using the bergeron16 printer

Make sure you have name, date, and period and put your graph with the worksheet in the tray.