Andrew Jackson
Directions: Use the links at the bottom to find the answers to the questions.

1.Where was Jackson born?
   What state did he move to and later become a senator for? 

2.What college did he attend? 

3.What political party did he form? 

4.What was the 'kitchen cabinet?' 

5.What was the 'spoils system?' 

6.What were two of Jackson's nicknames?
   How did he get them? 

7.Name some firsts for Andrew Jackson. 

8.Name one reason that Andrew Jackson was popular. 

9.When did Rachel die?
   Who did Jackson blame for her death?

10.Describe the presidential campaign of 1828. 

11.How did Jackson get a scar on his cheek?
    How many bullets did he have lodged in his body? 

12.Do you think Jackson favored states' rights or a strong central government? Explain 

13.How does Jackson feel about equality and democracy? 

14.Who wrote a Cherokee alphabet? 

15.Describe the Cherokee lifestyle in Georgia. 

16.What was the Indian Removal Act? 

17.What is the story behind the Cherokee Rose? 

18.How many Cherokees traveled on the Trail of Tears? How many died? 



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