Civil War


Visit these websites, choose at least two activities to complete and answer the questions for the activities you chose.

  Civil War Soldier 

1.      How far apart was the United States capital from the Confederate States capital?

2.      How old was the youngest Union soldier?

3.      Where was the first major battle of the Civil War fought?

4.      How many soldiers died during the Civil War?

5.       What war had the least number of American deaths?

Abraham Lincoln

1.      In what city and state was Lincoln born?

2.      Name 3 professions Lincoln worked in as a young man.

3.      How did the Lincoln / Douglass debates benefit Lincoln?

4.      In which city did Lincoln give his antislavery speech that led to his nomination for President?

5.      Besides leading the Union during the Civil War, what did Lincoln do as President that allows us to enjoy nature today?

Timeline of the Civil War

1.      What year was Lincoln’s first inauguration?

2.      What was the first battle of the Civil War?

3.      What battle occurred just before Lincoln made the Emancipation Proclamation?

4.      Which two battles occurred at the same time?

5.      What event began immediately after the Siege of Petersburg?


Create a Presentation

Use this site to tell me the 3 most important things you learned from the above activities.

1.      Select 1 (ONE) picture and click “Add Photo to My Presentation”

2.      Click on the “Edit Presentation” tab at the top of the page

3.      Click in the blue boxes to type. All 3 (three) blue boxes must be filled in before you print.

4.      You MUST complete and print your presentation before you log off of the computer, you will NOT be allowed to save your presentation. 

 When you have completed your presentation, visit this site to watch video and take quizzes on the Civil War.


Quizzes  This site has video, games and quizzes.