Cultural Quilt

1.     Research your culture:

a.     go to the Parish Page (click the house at the top right,

b.     choose Search on the right side

c.      click on World Book Web in the left corner

d.     choose World Book Student

e.      type your country in the search box

2.     Find the following information:

a.     Two resources (economy) from your culture, Example- sheep, cotton, oil, etc.

b.     The native flag

c.      Type of music

d.     Type of government

e.     Language spoken, with the words “Hello”, “Goodbye”,

f.       Picture of traditional dress

3.     Create a page using either Office or Power Point

a.     Make the native flag the watermark, or background of the page

b.     Include a TITLE on your page

c.      Include all of the above information (from #2) somewhere on the page

d.     At the bottom right and side create a small text box with your name, date and period

4.     Save the page to your server folder, name it PeriodNameCulture, THEN drop it in my dropbox.

a.     Go to My Computer

b.     Click on “User on bigbird/students

c.      RIGHT click on your document

d.     Click copy

e.     Go Back (top left green arrow)

f.       Click on “teachers on sch16

g.     Click on bergeron

h.     Click on Dropbox

i.        RIGHT click anywhere in the WHITE space

j.       Click Paste

k.     You will be able to see your file, but will not be able to open it