Reform Movements of the 1800s 

  1. You will receive one of the five movements to research and report on.
  2. Find the other students who have the same topic as you do, these will be your group members.
  3. On day 1 you will individually research your topic and find details on your topic.  **DONíT FORGET TO WRITE DOWN YOUR SOURCE OF INFORMATION!!**
    1. General description of the movement
    2. Goal of the movement
    3. At least 3 people who are known for their work to complete the reform
    4. Graphics that pertain to your topic
  4. On day 2 you will meet with your group to compare information and begin working on your presentation or continue researching to find further information.  You should also decide who will be the presenter so that they can practice!
    1. Your presentation must have a title slide
    2. At least three slides with information
    3. One slide at the end with sources and group member names
  5. On day 3 your group will complete the presentation to present to the class tomorrow.  **READ YOUR RUBRIC TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE INCLUDED ALL NEEDED INFORMATION!!**


Use these sources to help find information. Remember to try links or searches from these sites.

Reform Movements, 1800-1850 - Look at the list of links in the column on the left to find your movement.

Reform Movements

Abolition try searching on this site for other movements

Temperance Movement Archives and More on Temperance

Prison Reform or try here

Scroll down to the 1800s and find your topic or person on this site.

The Second Great Awakening led to many movements, check links on this site, or try here.

Quotes from famous women.

Underground Railroad

Look for your topic here