United States History Resources

General Information for Research

For information on famous people, try Who2. Type the name in the search box for facts on 3,143 people



This Encarta article on United States history covers the “story of how the republic developed from colonial beginnings in the 16th century, when the first European explorers arrived, until modern times.”  There is also a link to a handy timeline, which displays major developments of the country from Spain’s first permanent settlement in 1565 to Bill Clinton’s impeachment in 1999.

Facts about the United States contains basic facts about the geography, population, government and economy, as well as links to major U.S. cities containing information on geography, history and weather.

This Civil War Link from the History Place provides a timeline of the war that divided our nation, from November 6, 1860 when Lincoln was elected president to December 6, 1865 when the Thirteenth Amendment abolishing slavery proclaims the end of the war.  Links throughout the timeline provide details of the people and events that played important parts in the war.

Historical Games and Tours


History Happens tells American history through song.

Try some games on historical figures and their famous quotes, or a scavenger hunt to find historical facts at this PBS site.

Syvum has quiz games on everything from state facts to president facts to baseball!

Go to The Polls with Iz and Auggie as they “learn the fundamentals of Internet research and apply their knowledge of key aspects of American government.”

The Independence Hall Association in Philadelphia hosts this site with virtual tours on the most historic city in the United States.  Virtual tours of Betsey Ross’ Home and Brandywine Battle field are provided through links, along with many other historical locations in and around Philadelphia.