Constitution Day Fun!

Constitution Day Technology Center Work

America Land of the Free PowerPoint US Timeline Activity Independence Hall Lesson
Preamble PowerPoint (Words) "School House Rock" Preamble Listen to the Words of the Preamble
See Our Declaration of Independence! Declaration of Independence Interactive Coloring Page See Our Constitution!
White House for Kids Constitution Link See Our Bill of Rights!
Paul Revere Interactive Coloring Site Meet Founding Father Thomas Jefferson Founding Father Thomas Jefferson Interactive Coloring Page
Meet Founding Father George Washington George Washington Word Search Interactive Founding Father George Washington Interactive
George Washington Slide Puzzle Interactive Betsy Ross Coloring Page Meet Founding Father Ben Franklin (Click the links to read more about him)
Interview Founding Father Ben Franklin Ben's Online Coloring Interactive Patriotic Symbols Ben's Interactive Connect the Dots Patriotic Symbols
Ben's Lost Help Him Back to Independence Hall (Maze) Ben's Interactive Site "Place the States" Choose Level Ben's Interactive Word Find
Liberty Bell Coloring Interactive Colonial Hat Interactive 18th Century Paper Doll Game
Pardon or Pillory Word Colonial Game Colonial Link Sheep Shuffle Colonial Chicken Race
Write with a Quill Feather Colonial Brick Layer Colonial Tool Interactive
Colonial Link "Cooper-ation" Colonial Postcard Maker Colonial Card Creator
Name that Founding Father History for Kids Link Where's George Seek & Find Interactive
White House Jigsaw US Capitol Interactive Puzzle  Interactive Timeline *Audio*
US Symbols Match Game US Flag Jigsaw Puzzle America Interactive Fun!

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