America “Land of the Free”
Children’s Story of America’s Roots

May be used for Constitution Day

 Click here  America Land of the Free PowerPoint

LA Grade Level Expectations for this activity include:

  • Pre K Unit 1 Activity 10 GLE 05 Participate in patriotic activities (PK-CSS-C2) (C-1D-E4)

  • Kindergarten Unit 4 Act 6 GLE 20 Identify customs associated with national holidays (H-1C-E1)

  • 1st Unit 2 Act 8 GLE 23Identify patriotic songs and American symbols (C-1D-E4)

  • 2nd Grade Unit 6 Activity 5: National Holidays (GLEs: 27)  Explain the significance of national holidays and the achievements of the people associated with them (C-1D-E4)

  • 3rd Unit 3 GLE:  29 Identify the qualities of people who were leaders and good citizens as shown by their honesty, courage, trustworthiness, and patriotism (C-1D-E3)
    GLE 55
    Identify and describe the significance of various state and national landmarks and symbols (H-1C-E2)

  • Grade 4 (GLEs: 57, 58, 59, 60, 62)

    • 57. Identify leaders and their influence in the early development of America (H-1C-E1)

    • 58. Describe the importance of events and ideas significant to our nation’s development (H-1C-E1)

    • 59. Identify a document/speech/address significant to the development of the nation from an excerpt (e.g., Preamble to the U.S. Constitution), and identify the author/speaker of a particular document/speech/address (H-1C-E1)

    • 60. Describe American democratic principles as exemplified by major historic events, groups of people, and leaders (H-1C-E2)

    • 62. Identify and explain cultural elements that have contributed  to our national heritage (H-1C-E4)

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