Raising the Bar

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Raising the Bar

Vermilion Parish Schools: "Raising the Bar"
If you need PowerPoint Viewer, you can download it from here!

How do I use these PowerPoint Flash Cards to practice with my students?

There are two sets of PowerPoints for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Click the links to the left to see each operation.

Begin practicing with Set 1 to master facts. Once accuracy is mastered using Set 1,  the students can move on to Set 2 PowerPoint Flash Cards with no answers for speed purposes.  NOTE: NO ANSWERS WILL BE SHOWN in the second set. That  activity is geared to work with adults are in the classroom with buddies or in the whole group classroom setting to help increase speed.  This is to be done, ONCE the facts are mastered with accuracy!

To adjust the speed in each PowerPoint, the parent or teacher will have to download the PowerPoint Show.  Then they will have to go to  the PowerPoint. toolbar, go to "Slide Show" and go to "Slide Transition".   The teacher or parent may opt to click the answers instead of the using the automatic mode.

Type in the number of seconds that you want to use, and click "automatically after".  If you want it to be ongoing, click "apply to all slides" and make sure there is no check mark in the "on mouse click" box.

Addition Fact PowerPoint Flash Cards

Subtraction Fact PowerPoint Flash Cards

Multiplication Fact PowerPoint Flash Cards

Division Fact PowerPoint Flash Cards

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