2011-12 Support Person(s) of the Year Named!

Rexine Broussard was recently named the 2011-12 Elementary Support Person of the Year. Broussard has been the cafeteria manager at Meaux Elementary for the past eight years. She has also worked at Erath High and has a total of 23 years of experience in Vermilion Parish. She is married to Paul Allen "Boobie" Broussard and has two daughters Paige and Ashley and 2 grandchildren, Riley & Jace.

The 2011-12 Vermilion Parish Middle School Support Person of the Year is Rodney LaSalle. LaSalle is a custodian at JHW Middle School. He has been in that position for eight year. LaSalle stated, "I like my job! I like all my teachers and get along with everybody. I treat the kids like they are my own." One teacher shared "he doesn't like to miss work and loves what he does."

Suzanne Schexnayder, a secretary at Abbeville High School for 22 years was named the 2011-12 High School Support Person of the Year for Vermilion Parish. She has been married to James Schexnayder for 36 years and they have three children and three grandchildren.




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