Why I choose to teach....

I never thought I would become a teacher. My parents were both educators and I always said that I would not go into education. It wasn’t until my senior year that I realized education was a good choice. My parents never forced me to become a teacher, they just gave me the information I needed and allowed me to make my own decisions.

I had many teachers throughout my elementary, middle and high school years which had a lasting impression on me. I feel that the way they treated their students is the way I try and treat my own students. I found that the best teachers were very structured but at the same time allowed you to be yourself and they always valued your opinions. They made you feel that what you had to say was important to them. I try everyday to show my students that I care about them and that I will always support them if they make the right decisions.

So many middle school students have no one to look up to that we as teachers must be their role models. We are the ones that need to instill in them the morals and values that are important in our society. I am a seventh grade math teacher. At the beginning of each year, I tell my students that they are here to learn. I will try and teach them as many life skills as possible and if they are lucky they may learn some math. I always get a few that laugh at this statement, but it is the truth. I try and get my students to understand how important it is to learn how to work with others and also speak to adults and authority figures. You get one chance at making a first impression and I want theirs to be a positive one.

Education is the means of assuring ourselves a brighter future. My philosophy on education is that everyone can learn but some learn in different ways and at different rates. We are not producing robots. We must educate students so that they can contribute to society in a meaningful way. We must set goals that students can attain instead of setting them up for failure. The workforce is filled with a variety of jobs and must have applicants who are willing to step up and solve the task at hand. We cannot expect every kid we teach to become a doctor or a lawyer. How many times have we heard “college isn’t for everyone” but then we give our students a standardized test and compare them to everyone in the nation? We are not being fair to ourselves or our students.

Education is also the key to success. An educated person opens up their lives to greater opportunities. They have more confidence which allows them to set higher goals for themselves and the people around them. A person who allows themselves to be educated can accept change and learn to overcome the fear of failure.

I feel that my beliefs of education help me to meet the needs of my students. I try and teach using varying styles to try and reach as many of my students as possible. I encourage my students to ask questions and also work together to solve problems. Sometimes one of their peers can explain a problem in a manner that they can better understand. Students need to learn to work together in order to solve problems throughout their lives.

2009-10 Vermilion Parish
Middle School Teacher of the Year

Ryan Abshire


 Meet the Teacher Corner

My name is Ryan Abshire and I have been teaching 7th grade math at J.H. Williams for the past twelve years. I am married to Chantay Abshire and have one son, Spencer who is seven. Chantay is a fourth grade teacher at Meaux Elementary. It is nice to have someone else to talk to that can relate to what goes on in a teacher’s life.
 Chantay and I are both working on our Masters in Educational Leadership at McNeese State University and will graduate in December. I still love working with my students, but I want to be prepared in case something else comes up in the future.
 When I am not teaching or doing school work I enjoy spending time with my family and enjoying the outdoors. I love to hunt and fish and I also do carpentry work on the side.




  • 2009-2010 J.H.Williams Teacher of the Year and  Vermilion Parish Middle School Teacher of the Year


Professional Organizations

  • VAE

  • LAE

  • NEA



  • Married to Chantay Abshire

  • One son Spencer


Educational Background

  • Beginning Master’s Program in Educational Leadership
    McNeese State University, January 2009

  • McNeese State University Bachelor of Arts Elementary Education 1998


Teaching Background

  • 1998-Present J.H. Williams Middle School, 7th grade math, Algebra I


Staff Development Leadership Activities
Parish/School Committees:

  • Technology Specialist

  • Academic Pep Rally Coordinator

  • PBS Team

  • SIP Team

  • Vermilion parish math textbook adoption committee


  • PBS trainer of trainers


Technology Connections



JH Williams Technology Specialist

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Email ryana@vrml.k12.la.us

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Family Photo posted with permission by Shane Falgout

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