Why I choose to teach....

My dream of being a teacher began as a student in elementary school. Year after year I had wonderful teachers who made learning fun. I really do not remember ever wanting to pursue any other profession. My biggest decision was what area of education I wanted to teach. Then in fifth grade, I joined the band and started playing the clarinet. That was the beginning of my music life. I later decided I wanted to share this wonderful part of my life with students. Music is such an influential part of our lives. Music is everywhere: in our cars, at the mall, on TV, on every video game our students play, the churches we attend. I want my students to be able to take the music education I give them, and transfer it to the various areas of their life. My goal has always been to get students excited and interested in music. Teaching students music and watching them mature into good musicians has been a wonderful journey for me as a teacher.


2010 -2011 Vermilion Parish
Middle School Teacher of the Year

Kaye Broussard



  • 1980-1983 University of Southwestern Louisiana Bachelor Degree in Instrumental Education

  • 1984-Present Band Director in Vermilion Parish

  • 1991-Present Band Director at Erath Middle School

  • Southwest Louisiana Band Directors Association (SLBDA)

  • Chairperson for Intermediate Honor Band

  • Louisiana Music Educators Association (LMEA)

  • Music Educators National Association

  • Vermilion Association of Educators (VAE)

  • Louisiana Association of Educators (LEA)


  • Married to Tim Broussard

  • Twin Daughters- Kristen and Katrina, son-Derek


  • 2010-11 Erath Middle Teacher of the Year and  Vermilion Parish Middle School Teacher of the Year

Photo courtesy of LifeTouch Photographers

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