1st Grade Trophy Links
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Interactive Work for Students @ School and Home
Addition Facts Subtraction Facts Patterns Place Value
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Mixed Facts

Facts Quiz

Missing Number Baseball Game
0 to 5

Doubles Subtraction

Mixed Facts

Facts Quiz

Number Sequence

Color Patterns

Count by 10's

Count by 2's

Count by 5's

Tens/Ones 2

Shark Game

Dino Game
Time   Money  Shapes Fractions
 What time is it?

 Time Quiz


 Make the time

(analog or digital!)

 Move the clock:

1min, 5min,15min,1hour

Real Time

 How Much? Quiz

 Counting Money

 Money Quiz

 Count and Type

Shopping Spree

Real Life Estimation



   3-D Shape Quiz



    Thirds, Fourths, Fifths,etc.

Fraction Game

Pizza Fractions



Patterns Weight


Make a tally...how many?

Pattern Blocks

Sort Light and Heavy Objects

Sort by Length
Measure with a Ruler
Ruler Download Activity
Real-Life Measurement Tools
Measure with a Ruler

Sorting Math Facts  


Sorting Interactive

Shapes Sorting

Math Fact Page



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