National, State (Louisiana) and Local

Unit 3: Aspects of a Community:  Its Government
Some lessons may be used to extend Government Lessons in the 2008 Comprehensive Curriculum
Activity 1 Government Why Do We Need Authority and Leaders? (Study Guide) Activity 2 Government Are rules and laws important?
Activity 3 Government  What is Government? Activity 4 Government  All About the Presidents Day 1
Activity 5 Government “President for a Day” Writing Lesson Activity  6 Government Votes, Elections, Leaders, State Officials
Activity 7 Government Who leads our State? Activity 8 Government  Local Government
Activity 9 Government Class Vote, Campaigning and Elections Activity 10 Government Class Vote, Campaigning and Elections (Interactive Quiz)
Activity 11 Government Classroom Government Activity 12 Government Electing Our Class Officials
Activity 13 Government  Leaders Solve Problems Activity 14 Government You Be the Judge
Activity 15 Government Test  Government Lesson Ideas, PowerPoints, Worksheets. It also includes a Study Guide, Printable Test and an Interactive Quiz. 




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