Interactive Poetry Center Links for Younger Students

Interactive Poems to Listen and Read
 Marching Through the Night Meet the Creeps Poem The Doctor is In Poem
The Toad and the Goat Poem Meal by the Sea Daisy the Snail Poem
The Ice Cream Cake Poem The Birthday Day The Man in the Moon Poem
I Spy a Fly Poem Between the Lions Poetry Online Poetry Quiz  (Reading)
Read Write Think Interactive Poem Links
Working with Word Families Diamante Poem Interactive Strapless Book for Cinquain Poem
 Shape Poem Link Magnetic Board Interactive Riddle Poem Interactive
Letter Poem Creator Acrostic Poem Venn Diagram to Compare & Contrast Poems
Compare & Constrast Poem Interactive Printing Press to Publish Poems Postcard Creator (Use to write poetic messages)
Interactive Poem Help Links
New A blank 'fridge' for you to write your own words. Poetry Editor Link Write Express Online Rhyme Tool
Creating Poems (Interactive)
The Rainbow Rhyme Time with the Seasons Yes, That's Me
The Windmill The Kitten Name
Hello Spring Spring Poem Birthday
The Fisherman Little Rhyme Animals Go to School
Cinquain Bio-Poem Itsy Bitsy Spider Poem
I am an Animal The Storm 5W
Spine Poem Wish Color My World
The Cat in the Rain Verb Verse What If..
The Galleon Who am I? Once I Was...
Here Comes the Seasons I Asked I Once Knew
Lantern (Shape) I Can't Write a Poem Ice Cream
Rhymin' Simon Poetry Editor Link Love That Poem

Poetry Just for Teachers        Poetry Just for Kids Link 2

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