Social Studies Activity Title: What is a timeline?   
Targeted GLEs:
SS.2.10.45, SS.2.10.46, SS.2.10.47, SS.2.11.49, SS.2.2.10, SS.2.3.12, SS.2.3.14


Unit 1 Family Unit DAY 10

HOTS: What is a timeline?

Hand out Children's Timeline and explain that they need to complete this and return it tomorrow for a Technology Project.

1.     Hand out town Booklet and discuss the events itís History.

2.     Discuss how our ancestors lived and how we live now.

3.     Teacher will model how to create a two event timeline with Timeliner 5.0

4.     Directions will be posted to guide the students.

5.     Then students will create a two event time line and recorded facts using Timeliner Program on the computers.

      Click Here to Make A Horizontal Time Line

      Click Here to Make A Vertical Time Line

      Interactive Timeline Maker Read Write and Think Site


6.     Evaluation: Two event timeline

Homework: Social Studies Unit Project: Complete Children's Timeline for grade! 

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