Social Studies Activity Title: Whose in your family?     
Targeted GLEs: SS.2.10.45, SS.2.10.46, SS.2.11.49, SS.2.2.9, SS.2.3.12, SS.2.3.14


Unit 1 Family Unit DAY 12

HOTS Question: Whose in your family?

1. Read the book "Whose in Your Family" and discuss family members. (Other good books are
"Two of Them by Aliki, Here We All Are
2.  Lesson and Ideas to help children understand their heritage. Create a Family Tree Lesson
3. Students will create a timeline of their community using a passage on Erath. Rubric for Evaluation

         Click Here to Make A Horizontal Time Line

         Click Here to Make A Vertical Time Line

         Interactive Timeline Maker Read Write and Think Site

4. Send home a family tree to complete Family Tree to complete for Homework
5. Evaluation: Time Line (handwritten) and Timeline from Timeliner Program

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