Social Studies Activity Title: Why is my family important to me?
Targeted GLEs:
SS.2.10.45, SS.2.10.46, SS.2.11.49, SS.2.2.9, SS.2.3.12, SS.2.3.14


Unit 1 Day 14


My Own Family

Hots:  Question: Why is my family important to me?

1.  The teacher and children will brain storm family words and discuss them.  Ask these questions and allow answers.
Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather, sister, brother, stepmother, stepfather, step brother, step sister, guardians, great grandparents, adopted, biological, home, etc.

2.  Students will write about their family.  This activity may allow the child to write about the family they live with.  Some may write about biological parents, guardians, grandparents or traditional family units. Have the child draw a family picture when done.

3. Evaluation: Writing Assignment


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