Social Studies Activity Title: Past, Present and Future of our area
Targeted GLEs:  GLEs: 10, 46, 49

Activity 1, 2, 3, 4 (Unit 1) 


HOTS: Past, Present and Future of our area


1. Teacher and students can gather dates of their city/town or parish.  The teacher should model a timeline lesson.


Extended Parish Idea Examples (Each area can locate parish and community information)


         Vermilion Parish for Kids Site-Share this site with the children.  Open the different towns and cities sites.  Explain that Vermilion is one of 64 Louisiana Parishes.  It has 2 cities, 3 towns and 1 incorporated village.  (The site shows all of this.)

         Vermilion Parish PowerPoint- Has a few facts about landmarks and schools

         Where is Vermilion Parish Kidspiration Template-Teacher or children's activity

         Color a map of Vermilion Parish.  Have them label the cities, towns and village

       Graphing Vermilion Parish Population  Teacher will model this activity to show the different numbers of each community.

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