Social Studies Extension Ideas

Title: What’s Our History?   
Targeted GLEs:  10, 46, 49

Activity 1, 2, 3, 4 (Unit 1)  


HOTS Question: What’s Our History?   


NOTE: Other parishes can look up their information and use ideas noted here. 

Teachers in Vermilion Parish have information available online for the cities, towns and villages online on the Vermilion Parish for Kids Link page.


  1. Teacher will share History pictures and information of their area. (Local Museums may have additional community information)
  2. Look up Web Sites on the Kids Town Site
  3. Look up Parish Census Records of 1900 and 2000 and compare the results.
  4. Students can create a town or area timelines, powerpoints or write about their area with gathered dates (and pictures) Information can be used to create a class area book.



  1. See example 2nd grade lessons  

·         Teaching Ideas on Town History 1  & Teaching Ideas for Town History 2

·         Erath Five Event Timeline

·         Erath Assessment Timelines

·         Create a Town/City History Book

·         Our Town's Worst Moment (PowerPoint)

·         What I Learned About My Town Paragraphs

Example Information


·         Link: Vermilion Parish for Kids Link

·         Erath's Roots Lesson Plans (Example)

·         What's In a Name Lesson (Naming of Each Town Teacher must research a little about their town history before the lesson to offer facts.


View area links

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o       Kaplan

o       Erath

o       Gueydan

o       Maurice

o       Other VP Communities


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