“Trail of Louisiana Indians”

Social Studies Unit 1:  Aspects of a Community:  It’s History

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Louisiana Indians Grade 2 Lesson Plan

Created by Stacy Bodin

Dozier Elementary
Erath, LA 70533



I. Louisiana Trail of Indians Day #1 
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·         SS.2.10.46:  Identify similarities and differences in communities over time

·         SS.2.10.47:  Identify sources where historical information can be found and how that information can be used (H-1A-E3)

·         SS.2.10.48:  Locate general areas on maps and globes referenced in historical stories and legends (H-1A-E3)

·         SS.2.12.50:  Identify and describe the significance of various community landmarks and symbols (H-1C-E2)


1.  Building Background-Helpful History Teacher Links to Prepare for (Community Unit)

·         Discuss Louisiana as a state and it's beginning

·         Share information that Louisiana is a state.

·         Begin Week 1 Lesson on the first Louisianans (Native Americans in our State)

·         Hand out Study Guide for Quiz.  (Study Guide pdf file)


2. HOTS QUESTIONS: Where is Louisiana? Who were the first Louisianans?

3. Activities:

·         Show a picture of a Louisiana Parish Map that shows Louisiana Parishes on Lap top/Projector. Teacher will explain that Louisiana has 64 Parishes.  Through the years, the state has experienced changes in history and how it began with Native American tribes.

·         The teacher will explain that they will be studying their community, the history and geography of the area. 

·         Teacher will explain that the first Louisianans were Native American Indian tribes and that many tribes exist today. Show briefly the links that identify Louisiana Native Americans.

·         Review Study Guide and Introduction Powerpoint Slide Show with Indian information.

·         Show Louisiana Indian Map (Designating Tribe Areas) Louisiana Folk Life Map.

·         The children will watch: United Streaming- Gumbo Island: The First Louisianans Children visit the Chitimacha Nation of Charenton and archeological finds at Poverty Point State Commemorative Area in Epps.


4. Evaluation: Teacher Observation, Printed Technology Activity

5. Homework: Study for Social Studies Test on Louisiana Indians




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