“Trail of Louisiana Indians”

Social Studies Unit 1:  Aspects of a Community:  It’s History

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II. Louisiana Trail of Indians Day #2

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·         SS.2.10.47:  Identify sources where historical information can be found and how that information can be used SS.2.10.48:  Locate general areas on maps and globes referenced in historical stories and legends

·         ELA.2.3.28:  Use standard English punctuation

·         ELA.2.3.36:  Alphabetize to the second letter and some third letters (ELA 3 E5) - (Standard 3) (LA GLEs)   ELA.2.3.37:  Use a dictionary and a glossary to locate correct spellings

·         ELA.2.5.49:  Locate information using the organizational features of texts, including: ;URL addresses from the Web ;title pages ;glossaries ;indices ;tables of contents ;chapter headings

·         ELA.2.5.50:  Locate information about a topic from a variety of sources, including children's magazines, children's encyclopedias, and electronic references

·         ELA.2.5.51:  Gather and arrange information in a variety of organizational forms, including graphic organizers, simple outlines, notes, and summaries


1.  HOTS Question: What do you know or would want to know about the "Louisiana Indians?"


2. Activities:

·         Read and discuss the Online Chitimacha Legend  The Little Bird That Could Talk

·         Review Louisiana Indian vocabulary using card set.  Make a word bank of terms they heard yesterday.  Discuss where they heard them or read them.

·         Whole group Activity - Place the Vocabulary Word Set Up on part of the board and then the Tribal Word Card Set in another area).  Have the children take turns places the correct terms and answers side by side.

·         Read "Indians in Louisiana? Printable with the children and answer the questions about the Louisiana Tribes. Indians in Louisiana Worksheet

·         With the information gathered in the last two days, create a Louisiana Indian Web on the board or make copies for the children Story Map Outline

3.  Additional Indian Activities (Language/Art ABC Order Practice Using Indian terms)

·         Language ABC Order Review Quiz Using Indian Vocabulary words and Tribes.

·         For Art- Traditional Clothing

4. Evaluation: Indian Worksheet

5. Homework: Social Studies Test on Louisiana Indians




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