“Trail of Louisiana Indians”

Social Studies Unit 1:  Aspects of a Community:  It’s History

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V. Louisiana Trail of Indians Day #6

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Day 1 of  Center Rotations (20 minutes each)


HOTS Questions:  What is Poverty Point?  How is it a landmark? Can you explain the difference between Louisiana Indians now and long ago?


·         SS.2.1.2:  Describe basic characteristics of maps and globes

·         SS.2.1.4:  Identify geographical features in the local region

·         SS.2.10.46:  Identify similarities and differences in communities over time

·         SS.2.10.47:  Identify sources where historical information can be found and how that information can be used

·         SS.2.12.50:  Identify and describe the significance of various community landmarks and symbols

·         SS.2.2.8:  Identify examples of various landforms

·         ELA.2.3.27:  Write legible short paragraphs using proper indentation

·         ELA.2.3.28:  Use standard English punctuation

·         ELA.2.3.30:  Write using standard English structure and usage, including: ;subject verb agreement in simple and compound sentences ;past and present verb tenses ;noun and pronoun antecedent agreement ;transitional words and conjunctions in sentences ;prepositions and prepositional phrases ;possessive nouns ;adverbs, especially those related to time


Teacher Background:

1. Louisiana Indian Landmark: Poverty Point Informational Internet sites to share with the children.

2. Centers:

  • Computer Center:

·         Louisiana Indian Story & Online Quiz

·         Chitimacha Indian Story & Online Quiz\

·         Poverty Point Online Story & Quiz

  • OR Computer Center: Using Community Construction Kit, the students will create a Louisiana Indian Dwelling (Directions included in MS Word and PDF File) This activity will show the difference in dwellings now and long ago).
  • Guided Reading (with teacher)  Teacher Created Booklet Poverty Point
  • Writing Center: Write a paragraph "Louisiana Indians”. They must have a title, 5 facts listed in the paragraph and they must indent.  Rubric will be used to grade this assignment. This will be the rough
  • Map Activity Using the  Folklore Louisiana Map (Indicates Indian Sites, the students will highlight the letters correlating to the Indian Reservation Sites on the map.  Then they will draw little Indian symbols (canoes, dwellings, Indians) near those areas on the map.

3. Evaluation: Map, rough draft of "Louisiana Indians"



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