“Trail of Louisiana Indians”

Social Studies Unit 1:  Aspects of a Community:  It’s History

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VII. Louisiana Trail of Indians Day #7

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·         SS.2.1.2:  Describe basic characteristics of maps and globes

·         SS.2.1.4:  Identify geographical features in the local region

·         SS.2.10.46:  Identify similarities and differences in communities over time

·         SS.2.10.47:  Identify sources where historical information can be found and how that information can be used

·         SS.2.12.50:  Identify and describe the significance of various community landmarks and symbols

·         SS.2.2.8:  Identify examples of various landforms

·         ELA.2.3.27:  Write legible short paragraphs using proper indentation

·         ELA.2.3.28:  Use standard English punctuation

·         ELA.2.3.30:  Write using standard English structure and usage, including: ;subject verb agreement in simple and compound sentences ;past and present verb tenses ;noun and pronoun antecedent agreement ;transitional words and conjunctions in sentences ;prepositions and prepositional phrases ;possessive nouns ;adverbs, especially those related to time






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