Louisiana "History and It's People"

Maps and Landform Terms
Basic 64 LA Parish PPT Unit 1 Vocabulary PPT Unit 1 Vocabulary Match
Unit 2 Vocabulary PPT Unit 2 Vocabulary Match More Map Practice
RAFT Regions PPT Template Large Rivers of Louisiana (PowerPoint) Where is Vermilion Parish PPT
Louisiana Regions by Kathy Prine Louisiana Regions worksheet (ppt) Louisiana Regions PowerPoint
Regions of LA Venn Diagram (ppt)

Map Louisiana

Puzzled States (Scholastic)

Louisiana Demographic Maps A Louisiana Parish Map Activity Map Man Game
Vermilion Parish Kids Page

Map Quiz

Charting Erosion

Reviewing a Compass Rose

Interactive Reviewing a Map Grid

Can You Read a Map?

Place the State from Ben's Guide National Geographic Maps 50 States Map

State the Location of the Parish

Review Geography Term Match

Review Landform Term Match
Reading Maps Lesson

Map Match Quiz

Social Studies : Landforms

18 Literacy Strategies Interactives
SQPL Interactive Word Grid  Interactive Vocabulary Word Card Interactive
Interactive Graphic Organizers
Story Chain Interactive Story Chain Interactive (Graphics)
Create a Louisiana Timeline Lesson and Interactive Create a Personal  Timeline Lesson and Interactive
Match the terms 1
Match the Terms 2
Rural or Urban
Human and Physical Characteristics
Human or Physical Characteristics

Land Use

The Louisiana Purchase
The Louisiana Purchase (Drop Down Menu Interactive-Includes Story) The Louisiana Purchase ( Fill in the Blank Interactive-Includes Story)

The Louisiana Purchase Quiz (Interactive-Includes Story)

The Louisiana Purchase Quiz (Interactive-No Story)

ReadWriteThink Printing Press: Write an article about the Louisiana Purchase.

Cause and Effect Interactive Tool (Write Cause/ Effects of the LA Purchase)
Interactive Graphic Organizers and Writing Tools
Read Write Think Web Tool T Chart Interactive Compare Contrast Map
Cause and Effect Read Write Think Venn Diagram 2 Circles  Venn Diagram Online Tool
Read Write Think Timeline Timeline Online Chart Teach-nology Online Horizontal Time Line (Limited 7 events)
Teach-nology Online Vertical Time Line (Limited 7 events) Online Flow Chart 5 Events Online Flow Chart 10 Events
ReadWriteThink: Bio-Cube ReadWriteThink Essay Map Online Tools: Four Square Writing Method
My Writing Space Read Write Think Letter Generator Let's Write a Letter (Friendly or Business)
ReadWriteThink Postcard Generator BBC - Words and Pictures - Write a Postcard Read Write Think Flip Book
Read Write Think Printing Press Read Write Think Note Taker

Just for Fun Activities
Prepare your house for a hurricane Get hurricane supplies Hurricane tracking map

Boat Online Coloring Page

Alligator Online Coloring Page

Vermilion's 3rd Grade Social Studies Home Interactive Page


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