Louisiana "History and It's People"

Migration & History
Unit 3 Vocabulary PPT Unit 3 Vocabulary Match Migration PowerPoint Teaching PowerPoint
Migration Interactive PowerPoint
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What Do You Know About Louisiana? 1 What Do You Know About Louisiana? 2
Famous Explorer Trading Card PowerPoint Template to Download Louisiana History PowerPoint Teaching PowerPoint Explorer PowerPoint
Act.1 Templates. Situation 1, Situation 2, Situation 3, Situation 4, Situation 5 Graphing Parish Census Using Excel
PowerPoint Templates for Activity 1 Unit 3 Migration Interactive Matching
Migration Interactive Matching 2 Fill in the Blanks
Louisiana History (People) 1
Louisiana History (People) 2 Interactive Hernando DeSoto: Spanish Explorer (with Drop Down menu)
Our Louisiana Question Corner
Hernando DeSoto: Spanish Explorer (Fill in the Blanks) ReadWriteThink: Bio-Cube: Create an Biography Cube of a famous LA Person.
Louisiana Governors (With Pictures) LaSalle: French Explorer (with Drop Down menu)
Compare Contrast LaSalle and DeSoto History of Louisiana Groups Louisiana Crossword Puzzle
Activity 12: Pen Pal Letters Louisiana State Senate & Louisiana House of Representatives Swapping Stories: Folktales from Louisiana
Louisiana Heritage Photos Online Presidents of the United States    
18 Literacy Strategies Interactives
SQPL Interactive Word Grid  Interactive Vocabulary Word Card Interactive
Anticipatory Guide Interactive Webbing Tools DRTA Interactive
GISTing  Interactive Learning Log Interactive Interactive Graphic Organizers
RAFT Writing  Interactive Reciprocal Teaching  Interactive SPAWN Interactive
Questioning the Author Interactive Professor Know It All Interactive Vocabulary Awareness Interactive
Process Guide Interactive Split Page Note Taking  Interactive Story Chain Interactive
Story Chain Interactive (Graphics)
Louisiana Celebrations and Traditions
Mardi Gras Passage and Questions 1 Mardi Gras Passage and Questions 2 Write a Mardi Gras News Article Using Read Write Think Printing Press
Festivals Passage and Match Festival Terms Match
Louisiana Indians
Louisiana Indian Story &  Quiz
Poverty Point Online Story & Quiz
Chitimacha Indian Story & Quiz
Louisiana Tribe Match Online Interactive Louisiana Indian Vocabulary Match
Quiz for United Streaming "First Louisianans" Interactive
Interactive Graphic Organizers and Writing Tools
Read Write Think Web Tool T Chart Interactive Compare Contrast Map
Cause and Effect Read Write Think Venn Diagram 2 Circles  Venn Diagram Online Tool
Read Write Think Timeline Timeline Online Chart Teach-nology Online Horizontal Time Line (Limited 7 events)
Teach-nology Online Vertical Time Line (Limited 7 events) Online Flow Chart 5 Events Online Flow Chart 10 Events
ReadWriteThink: Bio-Cube ReadWriteThink Essay Map Online Tools: Four Square Writing Method
My Writing Space Read Write Think Letter Generator Let's Write a Letter (Friendly or Business)
Read Write Think Postcard Generator BBC - Words and Pictures - Write a Postcard Read Write Think Flip Book
Read Write Think Printing Press Read Write Think Note Taker

Just for Fun Activities
Just for Fun State Quiz Louisiana Soundscape - Let your ears be your guide

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