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Louisiana Agriculture

Agriculture is a part Louisiana’s Economy and has been for a long time. Sugar Cane, rice, and cotton are some crops that have helped bring money into Louisiana for a long time.

Sugarcane has been an integral part of the Louisiana economy and culture for more than 250 years. A Jesuit priest first brought sugarcane to Louisiana in 1751 and has remained an important crop in the state. Sugar and cane syrup both come from sugar cane.

In the 1700's many farmers were growing rice in North and South Carolina. By the late 1800's, people also began to grow rice across the rest of the South, especially in Louisiana and Mississippi, and parts of Texas and California. Rice is still an important crop for Louisiana’s economy.

Cotton in Louisiana was reported as early as 1729. However, at that time, cotton fiber was used in home spinning and weaving. That changed however with Eli Whitney’s invention of the Cotton Gin in 1783. At that time, cotton became a major crop that helped the Louisiana economy. Cotton is used for clothes. Cotton is still grown throughout Louisiana at this time.

Crops are planted, grown and harvested in Louisiana each year. The crops are sent to factories to process and then are sold. Weather, hurricanes and other things however all play a role in the success or loss of Louisiana crops. In one day, a hurricane can completely destroy a year of work with crops.