Louisiana Resource: Oil oilrig2.jpg Photo by Jude Dubois


Louisiana Resources: Oil

Natural resources are very important to all communities throughout the world. Trees, minerals, water, and animals are all examples of natural resources.

Natural resources are also very important to the economy of a community. Different communities around the world use the natural resources around them to make their lives better.

In the United States, we have many natural resources. One important natural resource that comes from deep inside the earth is oil. Oil is used to make gasoline. Oil is very important to Louisiana, the United States and the world, as well.

The first oil well in Louisiana was drilled in 1901 in a rice field on the "Mamou Prairie" in the community of Evangeline near Jennings. Since that time, many plants and oil rigs have surfaced in Louisiana, which has helped bring money to Louisiana. It helps the economics system in the state. The Gulf of Mexico is filled with oil rigs now! It is a great resource for the state and nation!